“Two Little Monkeys” Chocolate Making Workshop


Just like the chocolate we will be making, this tour is rich! Our long-time friends over at Two Little Monkeys make the finest chocolate in Costa Rica! They source their own cacao from local growers and hand-process from bean to bar. On the tour, their chocolatier and co-owner Ishmael will come to Heliconias Nature Lodge and share with you every step of the process: tasting raw cacao fruit, grinding up the beans, pouring molds, and sprinkling on top coconut, sea salt, chili powder, or any other gourmet topping you wish. This tour is hands on, and by the end as you are savoring delicious chocolates, you will enjoy them all the more knowing you made them. Also, don’t think you’ll be waiting until the end to enjoy. We’ll let you in on a little secret–half way through the workshop you’ll help him make a delicious chocolate milk. Expert tip: Come hungry, leave happy!

This chocolate is made entirely from four organic ingredients, and because of the purity of the process still contains the medial benefits of cacao, which Ishmael will teach you all about. We found that this tour was a great way to help our kids learn about what the ‘chocolate’ they usually eat really is (sugar!) and help us have a conversation about healthy eating. We loved this workshop with our family, and can’t wait to share it with yours!

  • This workshop is two hours, in which you will be sitting and standing with Ishmael, moving around his portable workshop and working together to make chocolate.
  • We ask for at least two people in this workshop to help support Ishmael, and are flexible to accommodate groups as large as you wish.
  • Ishmael is a long-time friend, and loves to share his passion for chocolate with our guests. Let us know a few days before when you would like a tour, and we can talk to him and work out all the details. Provecho, enjoy!



What to Bring: Comfortable clothes, room in your stomach for chocolate

Tour Includes: a hands-on chocolate making experience, fresh chocolate milk, fresh made chocolate

Time: very flexible, but please give us enough notice to schedule our chocolatier

Duration: two hours

Transportation: on-site at Heliconias Nature Lodge

Cost: $50 per person, $30 children



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