In the countryside, night-life means something very different than the city. Grab some of our flashlights, and join our guide on a stroll through the jungle after dark searching for incredible nocturnal animals and insects. You know that bright green yellowish tree from with big red eyes you see on all the souvenirs? We call it la ojo rojo, and you’re bound to find one on this tour. While it might seem crazy to go on a search for wildlife at night, trust us! In the day, it can get hot here even for the animals. As a result, lots of wildlife waits until nightfall to look for food, so that they can conserve energy. You will learn all about that and more as you follow our guide on an easy-going walk down our hiking trails.

Flashlights will be provided, and we are happy to make accommodations to support kids who might be a little afraid of the dark. One of our favorite moments of the tour is asking all the participants to turn off the lights, and just listen to the sounds of the jungle, finding the wildlife with our ears. If you think this might be too much for your little ones, please just talk to the guide before hand! He’s a pro, and has tons of experience with his own nieces and nephews. He’ll make sure the experience is a positive one for your whole family.

  • This tour is two hours walking followed by an hour for dinner. The paths are not strenuous, but it will get dark.
  • We can help you make arrangements for a night tour any evening of the week.
  • The tour leaves at dusk and continues into the night.
  • We ask for at least two people on the tour to help support our guide, and are flexible to accommodate groups as large as you wish.
  • Send us an email, call down to the front desk, or come over and talk while you’re dining at this restaurant. We will make it happen for you.




What to Bring: comfortable walking shoes, bug repellent.

Tour Includes: a night walk through forest trails, water bottle, flashlights, bilingual guide

Departure Time: dusk (around 6:00 pm here in Costa Rica)

Duration: 2 hours

Transportation: onsite at Heliconias Nature Lodge